Your Questions Answered

What if I am on here?

Smile…you’re on the internet!! If you want to have the listing removed from the site, you can make a donation from the “remove this post” link in the posting. This donation is to cover our administration costs of running the site and of processing your request. The suggested donation varies depending on the incident type. Once the donation payment is received, the incident will be removed from view. Note that if, in the future, your license plate shows up again in a new listing, your history will be viewable again until the current listing is removed!

What if my car is on here, but someone else is driving it?

Time, date, and location of incidents are part of the listing. We know that 99% of the time, a car owner knows exactly who is using their vehicle. Take it up with them!

How do I post incidents?

The first thing you need is to capture media of the incident…. A video of a car going through a stop sign or a red light…a pedestrian stepping out in front of traffic…a cyclist blasting through an intersection in spite of someone else’s right of way… any moving violation will need video documentation to back it up. Things like parking in a bike lane, double parking, cell phoning or texting behind the wheel, etc, can be supported merely with one or more photographs.

Once you have the media and the details of the incident, simply follow the posting instructions on the posting page.

If it is your first post, you will need to create a user profile to use the site.

Enraged driver illustration

What video and image formats can I use?

Still image formats must be either jpeg, gif, or png.

For video uploads, most popular video formats are supported. There is also an option to simply use an existing YouTube video!

You can post up to two video files and/or three image files per incident!


How do I dispute a posting?

We try to ensure that any approved posting clearly depicts the infraction in the accompanying videos or images. It’s hard to dispute that! If you are adamant that the listing is misrepresenting the actual occurrence, let us know! But we tend to believe the evidence...