What You Need to Know

Before You Post

We understand that things happen quickly and you won’t necessarily have all the details, but please provide as much information as you have. Every listing must clearly show proof of the infraction! Showing a picture of a car, and telling us what you saw it do before you took the picture, does not work.

For any moving violation (running red light or stop sign, etc.), you MUST include at least one video file to show a continuous sequence of events (ie. light goes red, car goes through intersection). Multiple video and image files are welcome.

Parking atrocities, cell phone/texting, and other non-moving violations can be supported by either an image or video file (or a few of each!)

License plate information is important. When taking video, try getting in the habit of speaking the plate number during the incident, so you have an audio reference in case you can’t see the plate number in the video. Speaking other details may help as well (location, incident details, Company name on truck, etc).

When taking photographs, try to include one of the plate number!

For non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians, try to focus on the person! We want to see who they are!


Media Formats

Image formats must be either jpeg, png or gif. Most popular video formats are supported for uploading, and we also offer the ability to directly link to YouTube videos!

Posting Guidelines

All postings are reviewed before going live on the site. Irrelevant, abusive, offensive, sexist, racist, or homophobic posts will not be approved, and anyone continuing to post such material will have their login (emaill address) blocked.

IRANAREDLIGHT.COM reserves the right to edit any postings’ content.

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